Cranial Prosthesis (Medical Units)

Whether you are undergoing cancer treatments or suffer from a  disease that causes hair loss, our  dedicated team is here to help.   We understand that hair loss is the last  thing you need to worry  about, which  is why we can eliminate the problem   with our high-quality medical wigs.  Unlike typical wigs that are designed  for fashion, we can create custom medical wigs that are designed with your specific needs in mind. You will be happy to know that are medical wigs are made with 100% human hair, which means you can style it just like you would the natural hair you’ve always had. They also include a cap and base that is ideal for people who have a sensitive scalp.  

Purchasing a wig off the rack without meeting with a hair loss specialist versed in the specific needs and requirement of women suffering from Alopecia or medically related hair loss is a recipe for disaster. Medical wigs must be specifically designed so as not to irritate a sensitive scalp and meet the needs of women with very little or no hair. Your individually customized medical wig from Continental Hair is designed according to your own particular treatment and hair loss condition, hair style and lifestyle needs.

Hair loss as a result of cancer treatment or other medically related causes of female hair loss can be both scary and confusing.

We only use human hair in our wigs because we strive for excellence. We know that human hair is the only way to achieve a totally natural, full-bodied look that every woman wants in her hairstyle. If you suffer from a medical condition that has caused or contributed to hair loss, our medical grade wigs are lightweight, undetectable, easy to maintain, and amazing. Unlike the challenges of synthetic hair, natural human hair wigs allow you to style your hair as you normally would.

All of the units we offer can be used as Cranial Prosthesis. We are certified to accept insurance that in or out of network. We will provide your insurance company the necessary information needed to qualify you for a reimbursement. 

Sign up today for a Free Consultation and let Full of Joy Hair Rx provide you the Cranial Prosthesis that will put a smile on your face.